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Ombre' Eyebrows (r) training and services in tattooing

Course description:

Ombre' permanent cosmetic 


Online prestudy found at...

Ombre' brows (r) is a full spectrum artistic application of gradient styles that include front to back, tops to bottom, as well as multiple color applications for brow tattooing, this is for powder and hair simulation.

Students will learn the art of Ombre' design and delivery thru both manual and machine methods, to create the most exquisite gradient Ombre' blended brows.

In our course we explore the artistic and professional development of each individual artist for their unique and diverse learning needs to achieve success in Ombre' style brows.

Our Ombre' Brow (r) classes are small, and never more than 5 students per two experienced instructors, who teach our directed and practical applications curriculum with great instructional delivery. Courses are taught at our 4 facilities that are clean and professional with a Doctor on staff, unless traveling to outside locations.

Our Ombre' curriculum is rock solid and has specific modules to meet each learning objective in a clear and practical manner. The very structured elements of our curriculum allows the student to flow thru each concept in a very precise systematic flow to maximize full momentum in product knowledge and application. Each unit of knowledge is a building block to the next core concept to be applied in a methodical approach for each introduction of subject matter. This is both thru lecture and hands on tattooing assignments.

The module map of each subject for Ombre' Brows/Ombre' (r) Lips/Ombre' eyeliner (tm) may include the following:

Materials, lectures, activities, power points, digital tools, readings, assignments, discussions and projects. All this is very engaging and a hands on approach to your learning. All learning styles are incorporated and folded into our teaching techniques.

All students work and personal learning styles are assessed and measured individually, then tailored for their each specific needs for proper guidance, competency and instruction.

Students are encourage to shadow at no additional cost after class is complete and will receive tech support for a lifetime at no additional cost. These engaging opportunities, together with our curriculum, directly contribute to maximizing student success in the industry and in Ombre' Brow Techniques.

Kit includes everything you need to complete 20 services using the manual method and includes all incidentals, Machine is not included. Please see our kit tab for complete description.

Students have exclusivity to our Federal Registered and trademarked name Ombre' Brows, Eyebrows and may use them in their personal marketing and media.

Ombre' Eyebrows (brows) r.

Day 1 class, machine method and day 2 class, handtool

(a transition and gradient shadowing/hair simulation eyebrow class at $995 per class, for both $1990) All included in the two days. Each day is a separate CE class and should be viewed as such. If both classes are taken, kit is included.

  • Shading techniques using the Ombre' brow (tm) concept
  • Front shadow blending transitions
  • Top shadow blending transitions
  • Hair simulation in gradient style
  • Best needle groupings for delivery techniques
  • Machine and Manual techniques
  • Shapes and gradient transitions
  • Placement
  • Powder/shadow and hair simulation applications
  • Symmetry
  • Proper anesthetic usages and protocols
  • Best color selections
  • Troubleshooting
  • Consultations
  • Photography
  • proper needle/tool selection
  • Sanitation bloodborne pathogens certification
  • Drawing concepts for techniques
  • Clients intake and models
  • Proper documentation
  • Legal paperwork
  • proper tray set up protocols
  • kit

For your questions regarding classes, please call us directly at 1-877-413-5563

Fantastic Ombre' Brows (r)

Correction of old previous work with Ombre' shading on top and slight inward corners.

Keep in mind with corrections, there is so much we can do given old work and clients request.

Shaded Ombre' Lip liner

Shaded Ombre' lip liner

Ombre' softening old work edges while creating a fuller more updated look.

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