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Our Story

We've loved every minute of our journey

let us be apart of your story!

An Idea is Born

Artistry has met the mastery of experience in tattooing. As you the beauty industry there is always the trends, yet one thing still remains...the need for skilled Certified Professional Dermal Artists (CPDA) our exclusive credentialing we issue to our students. We are also board members of a trade organization for the dermal arts industry LPCP.ORG

Great artist are a challenge to find, they are not born, they are made. With our combined 25 plus years in all matters tattooing, we can offer a abundance of real life experiences coupled with practical applications in teaching and performing this sacred art of tattooing in permanent cosmetic applications.

Seeing this challenge, coupled with our skill set....and the ever increasing need for highly trained artisans, we offer something very unique to the dermal arts industry.

So, here we are...ready to make you a steller artist in this fantastic gradient fade of coloring the brows thru the art of tattooing. Are you ready?

Our Students

Are very special to us and we ensure all that we can, so they achieve their personal goals in continuing education for the beauty field.


Our Classes are small and intimate with two experienced instructors per five students, that a great ratio of 2 1/2 students per educator. We are committed to excellence by offering a amazing program were every detail is designed for your success, we are committed to your journey.

Please see our course description for more details.

Why Us?

Question is...why not??????

With so many teaching courses in continuing education in tattooing, some have little to no actual working experience in the industry,...One or two years simply is not enough to transfer a solid foundation, I wont even mention the few months instructors have under their belt.

As a potential student, we want to share our 25 plus years of tattooing in the industry with you...we want to teach your from a proper seat of knowledge that we can transfer.

We are company that truly is passionate about learning and continuing education, which offers experience married with artistry. Let us propel you into your next level of career success.

We are actual master tattooist of face, body and medical applications, utilizing all

modalities and can show you all the tricks/tips of the trade so you can practice with confidence.

Our philosophy is simple, we feel taking a class is never truly over. We invite each and every student to shadow, share and partake in their journey of tattooing with us ensuring their success. Tech support for a lifetime is included in all our classes.

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