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Looking for experts to teach or receive this service? This exclusive service of gradient blending and shadowing of the exquisite OMBRE' BROW (r), look no further than us.

We have a ultra detailed services teaching course with over several decades experience in all matters of tattooing, utilizing all modalities, and in this unique application. Trust the ones who established it and hold the trademark, look for it and rely on it being taught properly, accept no imitation!

If your committed to excellence and want to update your skills in the continuing education for the beauty field, look no further.. Our expertise is unparallelled for the industry, as our main instructor, has taught the art of tattooing for over ten years as a professor at the college level and is a licensed Aesthetician. Our techniques and protocols are unique to our full tattooing experience, which delivers exquisite results. We teach both machine and manual methods of tattooing and masters of all modalities of the art.

Please feel free to contact us directly with your questions so we can better serve you. If your desire for a fresh and modern approach to tattooing...this is your class. Also visit us at for more courses in various subject matters.

Ombre' brows, brow, eyebrows, eyebrows are federally registered and trademarked exclusively by Pamela Abshear of The Glamour Co. and attorney Robin Montes Wood of Artistry in permanent makeup (Timeless). Together they have nearly 35 years of tattooing experience and Robin 23 years in private practice law.

All rights are reserved and the registered trademarks shall not be infringed.  

Attorney Office number 760-945-3148 for your questions about name usages and franchise opportunities.

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